Corfu Trumpet Festival

Fourteen American trumpeters traveled to the Greek Island of Corfu from June 17–23, 2023, to collaborate with Greek trumpeters in a trumpet festival that included master classes, performances, and sightseeing. The event was under the leadership of Sokratis Anthis (Professor, Ionian University) and Jason Dovel (Associate Professor, University of Kentucky). The festival was sponsored by the City Council of Corfu as well as the Mantzaros Philharmonic.

Mantzaros Philharmonic at the Peristyle of the Palaces, under the direction of Sokratis Anthis

On Monday, Dovel presented a master class at the Mantzaros Philharmonic Rehearsal Hall for the Greek trumpeters, which included students from Ionian University and community trumpet players. Also on Monday, Anthis presented a workshop for the American trumpeters. On Tuesday, the American trumpeters were joined by students from Ionian University and community members for a master class that was led by Ryan Gardner, Jared Wallis, and Julia Bell and held at The Greek Protestant Church of Corfu.

Julia Bell, Jared Wallis, and Ryan Gardner play Henneberg's Triplets of the Finest with the Mantzaros Philharmonic

The featured event of the week was a concert on Wednesday, June 21 with the Mantzaros Philharmonic, under the artistic direction of Sokratis Anthis, and in celebration of The National Day for Music in Greece. The concert was entitled "A Tribute to the Trumpet" and every piece on the program featured the trumpet prominently. Featured American soloists included Jason Dovel, Ryan Gardner, Julia Bell, Jared Wallis, and Javier Salinas. Featured Greek soloists included Κική Κετίκογλου, Τάσος Ασπίωτης, and Διονύσης Μαρτίνης. Other trumpeters participating as co-soloists included River Davis, Madison Glafnehein, Samuel Lewis, Zach Lutes, Drew Reynolds, Lacey Phelps, Tess Wampler, Andy Waters, Christian Wilson, Τάσος Ασπιώτης, Διονύσης Μαρτίνης, Κική Κετίκογλου, Eliza Cheimariou, and Μαρία Καραγιάννη. The concert featured the world premiere of Mariachi Fiesta by Greek composer Spyros Mavropoulos, a piece that received special coaching by Javier Salinas, an American who specializes in Mariachi music.

American participants at the Mantzaros Philharmonic concert

Participants at Vidos Island (with Corfu island in the background)

In addition to performing with the Mantzaros Philharmonic, participants had frequent opportunities to immerse themselves in the culture of the island of Corfu as well as visit iconic landmarks and nearby Vidos Island.  Daily warm-ups took place in the historic Old Fortress music department, followed by classes and rehearsals. Some participants also traveled around the island to visit Troumpetas, Mount Pantokrator (Greece’s highest point), Acharavi Beach, and the famous beaches of Palaiokastritsa. (Source: Lacey Phelps)


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