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Thank you for considering a donation to the International Trumpet Guild. Below you will find the most popular ways to donate and explanations of how your donation will help ITG fulfill its mission “to promote communications among trumpet players around the world and to improve the artistic level of performance, teaching, and literature associated with the trumpet.” The International Trumpet Guild is nonprofit association that has been recognized in the USA as a 501(c)(3) organization. Should you have any further questions, please contact [email protected] or phone +1 563-676-2435 (USA). Click here for a pdf if you would prefer to mail or fax your donation.


ITG Legacy Endowment Fund

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ITG General Operating Funds

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Sponsor-a-Trumpeter Program

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$250 Student ITG Conference Scholarships

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ITG Legacy Endowment

The ITG Legacy Endowment was created to provide an ongoing source of income to promote ITG’s mission. Donations to the Legacy Endowment are encumbered. That is, only a portion of the interest from the fund may be used for projects; the principal may not be touched. In this way, the fund will grow over the years and provide an increasing source of income. Projects may include, but are not limited to, commissions, jazz and solo competitions, book reprints, financial aid to ITG Affiliate Chapters and scholarships for students to attend ITG conferences. At this time the earnings from Legacy Endowment are being used to support student scholarships to the annual ITG Conference.

ITG General Operating Funds

Donations to ITG General Operating Funds are not encumbered so are available for the immediate needs of the Guild. Ongoing programs that draw on General Operating Funds include conference scholarships, Affiliate Chapter Grants, commissions of new trumpet music, support of the Ellsworth Smith International Trumpet Solo Competition, and prize money for conference competitions. General Operating Funds have also used to fund large projects such as the recent web site overhaul.

Sponsor-A-Trumpeter Program

The Sponsor-A-Trumpeter (SAT) program was created more than ten years ago to encourage ITG members to donate memberships for trumpet players who are unable to join ITG due to financial circumstances. We have members in the SAT program all over the world. The names of potential recipients can be forwarded to ITG from members aware of someone who would benefit from an ITG membership. ITG members are encouraged to support this program by both donating and nominating someone. To nominate someone, please submit their name(s), complete mailing address, and email to [email protected]

Sponsor a Student Scholarship  

Each year ITG awards scholarships to help students attend the annual ITG conference.  A US$250 donation will go a long way toward supporting one student to attend this motivating, potentially life-changing event. To win a scholarship, a student must submit a recording of required pieces. A panel of judges then selects the most deserving ones for the scholarships—it is a distinct honor to win one of these! Scholarship winners and donors will be listed in the Conference program, announced during the awards ceremony, as well as in the conference write-up in the October issue of the ITG Journal.  In addition to the US$250 each recipient receives free conference registration.

Scholarships may be named by the donor. This is a great way to honor those that have reached a milestone, such as retirement, or those that have passed. Many choose to get a group together to make the US$250 donation in honor of someone. The donation can easily be made via the ITG web site, but please download and complete the donation form or email [email protected] with name of the scholarship and donor names so that we may record the scholarship as you wish.

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