Listen and Learn

Listen and Learn Full Program

Paul Baron presents: Styles

Ryan Beach presents: How to Develop Endurance on the Trumpet

Brianne Borden presents: Yoga Concepts for Trumpet Players

Chip Crotts presents: Marching Arts

Dominic Derasse presents: The Holy Grail of Trumpet Playing

Jean Laurenz presents: Koizumi - A New Multimedia Work for Trumpet, Percussion, and Digital Projection

Jason Palmer presents: The Art of Transcribing

Amanda Pepping presents: Sonata DXII-5 for Trumpet, Strings, and Continuo by Giuseppe Maria Jacchini

John Raymond presents: How to Practice Jazz Improvisation

Videos from Day 4 of Listen and Learn

U.S. Army Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps presents: Bugles

Chris Coletti presents: How to Get Motivation, Stop Procrastinating and Get Things Done. Performance of Flinstones (arr. Jacob Collier)

David Dash presents: Charles Ives: Variations on America

Jason Dovel presents: An Introduction to the Valveless Baroque Trumpet: Pedagogy, Interpretation, and Resources

Ryan Gardner presents: Breathing

Jon-Erik Kellso presents: Drop Me Off in Harlem and Black Beauty by Duke Ellington

Jean Laurenz presents: Deep Listening - Five Techniques to Develop Your Ear in Daily Practice

Morris Northcutt presents: Music Has Motion

Joshua Norton presents: The Road Back: Coming Back to the Horn After a Major Injury

Steph Richards presents: Improvisation and Creative Application of Extended Techniques

Videos from Day 3 of Listen and Learn

Paul Baron presents: Staying Focused on Long Running Shows

Carrie Blosser presents: Tips and Tricks as a U.S. Navy Fleet Band Instrumentalist

John Foster presents: Sonatina No. 75 in C Major by Johann Christoph Pezel

Frank David Greene presents: Q & A with Lead Player Frank David Greene

Ashley Hall presents: Building Smarter Practice Habits for Consistency and Growth

David Hickman presents: Stutter Attacks

Conrad Jones presents: Tips for Playing in an Orchestral Trumpet Section

Anne McNamara presents: Applying Kaizen to Your Trumpet Playing

Judith Saxton presents: PEP - Pause for Excellence in Performance

Maria Valencia-Reinel presents: Historical Instruments/Showcase/Motivation

Allen Vizzutti presents: Cascades - 2

Videos from Day 2 of Listen and Learn

Mary Elizabeth Bowden presents: Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No. 2 Practice Tips

Craig Fraedrich presents: Altering Dominants in ii-V-I Progressions

Ryan Gardner presents: Prelude No. 1 by George Gershwin (arr. Wilt), Simple Song from Mass by Leonard Bernstein, and Summertime by Gershwin (arr. Hayes)

David Hickman presents: Air Leakage

Sycil Mathai presents: Intro to the Taper Zone

Amy McCabe and Carrie present: Resilience Beyond the Resumé

Paul Merkelo presents: Top 5 Orchestral Excerpts

Crispian Steete-Perkins presents: The English Slide Trumpet

Christopher Still presents: How to Survive in a Covid Environment

Aaron Witek presents: Developing Musicianship Through Active Listening

Videos from Day 1 of Listen and Learn



Peter Bond presents: Expressive Fingers

Vince DiMartino presents: Charlier Mahillon, Shaw Disc Valve, and Echo Cornet

Terry Everson presents: Synopsis #5: He Figures Out What Clouds Mean (Composed by Lisa Bielawa)

David Hickman presents: Tip and Dorsal Tonguing

Dan Miller presents: Jazz Trumpeter Freddie Webster (1916-1947)

Raquel Samayoa presents: Multiple Articulation

Bria Skonberg presents: Approachable Improv Tips

Phil Snedecor presents: Waltz for a Puppet

Virginia Turner presents: Prepare to Win

The U.S. Army Field Band Trumpet Section presents: Audition and Home Recording

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