Forced Misophonia: Blast, Blow, Pulse

Trumpeter Arda Cabaoglu recently completed an extraordinary 4.5 week-long improvisational, long duration, performance art project, Forced Misophonia: BLAST BLOW PULSE.

Cabaoglu improvised 8 hours per day for 4.5 weeks. This project took place in Istanbul, Turkey at Sakıp Sabancı Museum, Emirgan, featured by Marina Abramović and Marina Abramović Insitute (MAI) exhibition titled: AKIS/FLUX and curated by Serge La Borgne & Paula Garcia. Cabaoglu had the entire 4.5 week performance professionally recorded and a clip can be found here:

The performer is currently researching and confirming prior long durational musical performance art projects, but believes this project may have been one of the world's longest musical performance art projects.

(Photo Credit: Canberk Ulusan)

(Source: Arda Cabaoglu)

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