2020 ITG New Works Winners Announced

The International Trumpet Guild New Works Committee would like to congratulate the composers and performers selected to perform at the 2020 ITG New Works Recitals at the 2020 ITG Conference in Columbus, Ohio.

This year, we received 117 submissions from around the world. As a result of this highly competitive process, thirteen new works were accepted for performance at this year's conference. Our committee thanks all the composers and performers for their submissions and contributions to the development of our instrument’s repertoire.

2019–2020 ITG New Works Committee

Jason Dovel, University of Kentucky (Chair)
Marisa Youngs, Winthrop University (On-Site Coordinator)
Stephen Campbell, Ball State University (Committee Member)
Armida Rivera, Universidad de Ciencias y Artes de Chiapas, Mexico (Committee Member)
Stacy Simpson, Bellarmine University (Committee Member)

2020 New Works Winners

Title: Slightly Funky
Composer: Nick Myers
Performer: Jeremy Brekke, Trumpet

Title: Impetus
Composer: Travis Wattigney
Performer: Jacob Walburn, Trumpet

Title: Now I am Become Death
Composer: Michael Cotten
Performer: Robert Elliott, trumpet

Title: Fantango
Composer: Kevin McKee
Performer: James Johnson, trumpet

Title: Out of the Gates
Composer: James Stephenson
Performer: Monica Benson, trumpet

Title: Imagined Conversations
Composer: Zach Stanton
Performer: Jesse Cook, trumpet

Title: Coming Home
Composer: Brandon Dicks
Performer: Buddy Deshler, trumpet

Title: Mocking Midnight
Composer: Jess Turner
Performer: Will Koehler, trumpet

Title: …..another Tango
Composer: Dalian Bryan
Performer: Brandon Dicks, trumpet

Title: Variations on a Theme by Haydn
Composer: James Stephenson
Performer: Josh Ganger, trumpet

Title: Garden Songs
Composer: Heather Gilligan
Performer: Seelan Manickman, trumpet

Title: The Yearly Tech Review
Composer: Drew Tomasik
Performer: Stephen Campbell, trumpet

Title: The Lion’s Den
Composer: Stanley Curtis
Performer: Stanley Curtis

(Note: The works above are for a variety of instrumentations, but only the trumpet player is listed until the collaborative artists have been finalized.)

Make plans to hear both ITG New Works Recitals:
New Works Recital #1 will be held Wednesday 5-27 at 1:15-2:30pm.
New Works Recital #2 will be held Thursday 5-28 at 11:00-12:15pm.

For more information on the 2020 ITG Conference or the New Works program, visit: https://www.itgconference.org/

(Source: Jason Dovel, Chair, ITG New Works)

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