NPP Meet and Greet

The Non-Pro Player Committee initiated the first ever Non-Pro Players Meet and Greet Reception at the 2013 ITG Conference, with Board and Non-Pro Players Committee members providing insights regarding ITG support for the Non-Pro Player activities. Small groups of conference attendees meet, chat and exchange ideas and stories as they make new friends and renew old acquaintances.

2021 Virtual ITG Conference

Non-Pro Players Meet Up – live in-person interactive session on Zoom

2019 Miami, Florida

The most recent in-person Meet and Greet reception was hosted in 2019 by Stomvi and Thompson Music at Miami, Florida.

The Non-Pro/Comeback Players Reception has become an annual event at ITG Conferences. This is an important constituency within the International Trumpet Guild, and ITG President Cathy Leach thanked the group for their continued involvement in the organization. Dan Hallock, chair of the Non-Pro/Comeback Players Committee, reminded those at the reception about events yet to be held during this week’s conference, including warm-up sessions, masterclasses, and the Festival of Trumpets concert. He explained to first-time Conference attendees that they are “part of the ITG family” and are valued members. Numerous ITG board members and several past presidents answered questions and discussed ideas for future events with the group. Thanks to Thompson Music and Stomvi Trumpets (K.O. Skinsnes) for sponsoring this reception. (KE)

2018 San Antonio, Texas

The non-professional/comeback players make up an important subset of the International Trumpet Guild. I believe that they may look forward to our annual conferences more than any other group within the Guild. For years I hesitated to call them amateurs--especially since many of them perform more frequently than I do--until I was reminded that the word “amateur” comes from “amare,” which means “to love.” These folks LOVE the trumpet! And they love to spend time together, whether as a trumpet ensemble or at a reception at the Q Bar. Dan Hallock, chair of the Non-Pro/Comeback Players Committee, spoke enthusiastically at the reception about events yet to be held during this week’s conference and about events already planned for the 2019 conference in Miami, Florida. ITG President Cathy Leach thanked the group for their continuing involvement in ITG. (KE)

2017 Hershey, Pennsylvania

A gathering of approximately 80-100 of the non-pro members of ITG was held at Your Place Sports Bar. The group was joined by many ITG Board members, including the current and three past presidents of ITG. Non-Pro Player Committee Chairman Dan Hallock introduced the members of the committee, explained its mission, and described what has been done on behalf of this very large group of the ITG membership in the past year. ITG President Brian Evans welcomed all those in attendance and shared his greetings and appreciation to all. As always at these events, old friendships were renewed and new friends were welcomed. This annual event is always one of lively discussion and exchange of information, and this year’s gathering was no exception. It remains an event that all non-professional members of ITG should attend. (DR)

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