NPP Master Class

The Non-Pro Players Committee is responsible for selection and recommendation of the Non-Pro Players Master Class pedagogue. The Non-Pro Player Master Class concept is to give a class where instead of lecturing on a topic, the pedagogue asks selected players to play in front of the attendees while the pedagogue notes the good and bad aspects, makes suggestions, etc.  In other words, presents a master class where the performers are not students, but “Comeback Players” or “Non-Pro Players”.

Previous ITG Conference Non-Pro Players Master Classes:

2021 Virtual ITG Conference – Anne McNamara

2019 Miami, Florida – Brian Shaw

2018 San Antonio, Texas – John Irish

2017 Hershey, Pennsylvania – Judith Saxton -  Alexander Technique / Alexander Technique Resources

2016 Anaheim, California – Jason Bergman

2015 Columbus, Ohio – Jeff Piper

2014 Valley Forge, Pennsylvania – Tina Erickson

2013 Grand Rapids, Michigan – Jim Olcott, From the Heart

2012 Columbus, Georgia – Bill Pfund


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