Commission Consortium: Jazz Trumpet and Wind Ensemble

The trumpet community announces a consortium to commission Dana Wilson to compose a concerto for jazz trumpet and wind ensemble.  (The solo part will be completely notated for non-jazz players--though a jazz sensibility is preferred--but there will be sections for optional improvisation.)  The work will be 15-20 minutes in duration, and the ensemble parts would likely be of moderate (grade 4) difficulty.  

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Call for Research Proposals

The 45th International Trumpet Guild Conference will be held in Columbus Ohio, May 26–30, 2020. The ITG Research Room Committee welcomes proposals for presentations of research at the Conference. The ITG Research Room offers a blind, peer-reviewed, international research forum for performers, professors, and students to present experimental, action, qualitative, or quantitative research and theories involving trumpet performance, repertoire, and/or pedagogy. Presentations are often developed from graduate or dissertation work, published material, or other new research.

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Redesigned Youth Competition for 2020 ITG Conference

The International Trumpet Guild has made several changes to the annual Youth Competition. These changes are to encourage participation by more students and to add an educational component to the event. In this year’s redesigned youth contest, the focus will be the performance of a single etude. Following the student’s performance, they will receive a coaching from one of ITG’s distinguished teaching artists. 

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