2023 New Works Winners

The International Trumpet Guild (ITG) is pleased to announce the composers and performers selected to present new works at 2023 ITG Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota which will be held May 30 – June 3, 2023. This year, the ITG New Works Committee received a record 156 submissions from around the world. From this extensive list, the committee selected 15 new works for performance at this year's conference. Our committee thanks all of the composers and performers for their submissions and for their efforts at expanding our instrument’s repertoire.

Congratulations to the following winners of the 2022-2023 Call for New Works:

go to the garden for Trumpet and Fixed Media
Composer: Eris DeJarnett
Performer: John Marchiando

Sonata for Tomorrow
Composer: Chris Evan Hass
Performer: Sam Gustavson

Buzz Buzz for Trumpet, Flute, and Piano
Composer: Ben Horne
Performer: Elucidate Duo (Michael Brown, trumpet and Lorin Green, flute)

The Stars of November
Composer: Kenley Kristofferson
Performer: Power of Two Duo (Kayla Solomon, trumpet and Danielle Guina, piano)

Electric Thunder Dunk
Composer: Logan Larson
Performer: Julia Gill

Solis and Two Patches
Composer: Alexandre Lunsqui
Performer: Byrne:Kozar Duo (Corrine Byrne, soprano and Andy Kozar, trumpet)

Sketches in a Trumpet Wasteland
Composer: Cameron Nielson
Performer: New Works Ensemble

Composer: Juan Carlos Valencia Ramos
Performer: John Kilgore

Composer: Trenton Rhodes
Performer: Ross Ahlhorn

The Gambler
Composer: Linas Rupšlaukis
Performer: Linas Rupšlaukis

The Four Lost Seasons
Composer: Gilson Santos
Performer: Nailson Simoes  

Sharps, Flats, & Orange Cats
Composer: Francis Snyder
Performer: Angela King

the exit strat
Composer: Drew Tomasik
Performer: Stephen Campbell 

Hymn to a Vanishing Land
Composer: Mark Volker
Performer: Robert White

We Are Still Here
Composer: Jared Wallis
Performer: Jared Wallis

The following five works were accepted for the 2020 conference and have been rescheduled for the 2023 ITG Conference due to the 2020 conference's cancellation:

Garden Songs for Trumpet, Soprano, and Piano
Composer: Heather Gilligan
Performer: Seelan Manickman, trumpet and Evangelia Leontis, soprano

Composer: Kevin McKee
Performers: Jim Johnson, trumpet and Kiirsi Maunula-Johnson, horn

Imagined Conversations
Composer: Zack Stanton
Performer: Jesse Cook

Variations on a Theme by Haydn
Composer: Jim Stephenson
Performer: Josh Ganger

Mocking Midnight
Composer: Jess Turner
Performer: Will Koehler

In addition, the following piece was accepted for the 2022 conference and moved to the 2023 conference:

Composer: Kevin Day
Performer: Jen Oliverio

Thank you to the ITG New Works Committee for their efforts in reviewing the numerous submissions and organizing the recitals:

Stephen Campbell, Ball State University (Committee Member)

Ashley Killam, Diversify the Stand (Committee Member)

Theresa May, Chromatic Brass Collective (Committee Member)

Armida Rivera, Universidad de Ciencias y Artes de Chiapas, Mexico (Committee Member)

Stacy Simpson, Bellarmine University (Committee Member)

Julia Bell, Tarleton State University (Recital Coordinator)

Marisa Youngs, Winthrop University (Chair)

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