Longy School of Music Guest Artists

This year in Boston, the Longy School of Music's trumpet faculty, Ashley Hall and Andy Kozar, created a stellar line-up of over 20 trumpet guests from across the country to work with Longy's students. 

Guest artists Mary Bowden and Wiff Rudd work with Longy students "virtually"

In many ways, this year provided a remarkable opportunity to learn from friends, colleagues, and heroes in the trumpet world.  In 2020-2021, Longy welcomed these guests both virtually and in person to our campus: Mary Bowden, Ed Carroll, Vince DiMartino, Mark Gould, Lou Hanzlik, Garrett Klein and Buddy Deshler of Dallas Brass, Tage Larsen, Jean Laurenz,  Kelly Rossum, Wiff Rudd, Peyden Shelton, Aaron Smith, Phil Snedecor, Marie Speziale, Sarah Stonebeck, Jim Thompson, Nathan Tighe, Sarah Viens, Micah Wilkinson, Aaron Witek, and Yamaha's Bob Malone. 

Terry Everson visits the Longy trumpet studio in person

(Source: Andy Kozar and Ashley Hall)


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